A Pro on the Intricacies of Bankruptcy Law

As the leader of Denker Law Firm, Tim Denker helps businesses and individuals navigate through bankruptcies that, without his help, would surely be trying and stressful processes.

What to Know About Business Law in Kansas City

Starting a business in Kansas City requires some special planning: The way business taxes are going to work will depend on which side of the city you're in--the Kansas side, or the Missouri side.

How are Estate Law and Business Law Related?

They may seem like different arenas altogether, but there are some surprising links between estate law and business law that you should know about.

Trends in Kansas City Bankruptcy Filings

A bankruptcy pro gives his estimate of Kansas City's economic trends.

Navigating the Estate Tax Debate

Because this topic has been big in the news, it's worth understanding in detail. Denker provides his own Estate Tax 101 session right here.

A Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Kansas City

Bankruptcy law is largely a matter of federal statute. But there are some measures that you can take in Missouri to help enhance what you get out of the process.

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