For the Business Owner

Through the use of our Registered Agent Membership, we are able to extend to our members exclusive discounts on hourly and flat rate legal fees to help business owners better protect their business.

  • A licensed attorney is the first person notified of legal action against your business
  • Saves you the embarrassment of being served in front of your clients or employees
  • May allow you to run your business anonymously
  • 10% off attorneys fees for your future legal needs through participating law firms
  • Exclusive Discounts for Property Investors
  • Access to our conference room to hold annual meetings

For the Employees

We also offer to extend exclusive discounts on hourly and flat rate legal fees to the employees of our members, allowing our clients a very affordable Employee Benefit of discounted legal aid from local attorneys.

  • 10% off Attorney’s Fees on Estate Planning Services provided by The Legal Center for New Families
  • On-Site Appointments so Employees do not have to ask off work (where applicable)
  • 1-hour on-site Estate Planning Seminars (where applicable)
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Law
  • Real Estate
  • Civil Litigation
  • Family Law
  • Traffic Tickets

About Our Process

Direct Communication

  • Easy Registration

    Employees register directly with us. They will receive periodic emails regarding available services.

  • Privleged Communication

    Employees hire the attorney directly with no knowledge or involvement from their employer.

Up-Front rates

  • No Hidden fees

    Registered Employees will receive an annual sheet providing the actual rates charged by Denker Law Firm LLC for the upcoming year.

  • other law firms

    If Denker Law Firm LLC does not provide service in a requested legal area, we will find you an attorney we trust who does, and include their typical fees for that request.

On-site appointments

  • Educational Seminars

    If the business owner agrees, Denker Law Firm LLC will provide educational seminars about common estate planning topics

  • we come to you

    If your business has the available space, we will set appointments to meet you [and your spouse] at your office so you do not have to ask off work