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The Denker Law Firm will quickly and aggressively represent clients charged with a DUI (or DWI), as well as other traffic violations. In order to maximize the benefits of representation, and to effectively protect your rights, it is important for you to contact an attorney immediately upon your arrest.


Regarding those clients charged with a DUI, the law generally falls into two categories. First, the statutorily imposed criminal penalties could include fines, jail time, community service, and completion of educational programs. Second, the administrative penalties from the Missouri Department of Revenue often include license suspensions and revocations. Under Missouri statutes, a first offense DUI could result in up to six months in jail as well as hundreds of dollars in fines. However, by retaining an experienced DUI attorney, it is more likely that these penalties will not be imposed, and the chances that you will receive complete probation, or a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS)—which under Missouri law is not a conviction—will increase dramatically.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Denker Law Firm to help rectify other traffic law violations. After considering the long-term consequences of pleading guilty to minor speeding tickets—where the accumulation of points on your driving record can increase your insurance rates, and cause you to lose your license—we can help you take care of the situation. By reducing or dismissing the charges against you, we can help protect your driving privileges, as well as help you save money in the long-run.

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