I have some friends who left their child with their parents while leaving town, and during the vacation, their child had a serious accident and had to be taken to the emergency room. However, without having been given the proper authority to make decisions on the child’s behalf, there was a significant delay in getting medical treatment, which created the risk of more permanent injury. After spending time trying to reach the parents to give such authority, and then going through the process of confirming proper identification, the hospital was finally able to get the proper consent and luckily their child did not suffer any permanent injury.

Traveling without your children is certainly hard enough on you as parents, and God forbid something happens to them while you are away. It is, for this reason, we always recommend that anytime parents leave their children in the care of others they execute a temporary guardianship to give the temporary guardians the authority to make the appropriate decisions in their stead.

A temporary guardian instrument is not expensive and we offer an easy way to execute this instrument by filling out a simple form on our website at:


We can then quickly send you the document once we have received the basic information on the form. If you have any questions about temporary guardianship please contact our office at 816-434-6610 and find out how this simple document can bring you peace of mind during your travels.