Leaving Town Without Your Kids?


I have some friends who left their child with their parents while leaving town, and during the vacation, their child had a serious accident and had to be taken to the emergency room. However, without having been given the proper authority to make decisions on the child's behalf, there was a significant delay in getting [...]

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Your Home, Your Shelter, Your Estate Plan


One of the most common changes in a person's life that would require them to address updating or changing their estate plan would involve the purchase of real estate. Whether you are buying your home, a piece of investment property, or both it should all be dealt with in your estate plan. If you buy [...]

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The First Estate Plan a Family Needs


I recently spoke with a couple who came to my office so I could review their estate planning documents. They had gone through a do-it-yourself website and had a nice, neat binder with several estate planning documents. They assumed they had everything ready to go and that their family was protected. However, there was one [...]

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After the Loss of a Loved One, Don’t Add Financial Suffering to the Mix


The last thing a family suffering from the loss of a loved one wants to do is worry about money. If you were to die, your spouse would be dealing with intense emotions and pain, and, if you have children, trying to help them deal with the loss as well. That is more than we [...]

After the Loss of a Loved One, Don’t Add Financial Suffering to the Mix2019-01-14T17:27:02+00:00

Charitable Giving


When looking for information on just about any subject, we tend to start by looking online. The internet has a wide array of information, but the problem is that there is almost as much bad information as good. This is especially true in the estate planning world, and when it comes to estate planning and [...]

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The Legal Effects of Growing Your Family


My wife is about nine months pregnant as I am writing this, and we're anxiously and impatiently awaiting her arrival. The whole process of having a baby has been a life changing experience! I certainly knew there would be natural, biological changes for my wife as she went through pregnancy (some were more noticeable to [...]

The Legal Effects of Growing Your Family2019-01-22T17:43:13+00:00
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